Boys Junior Varsity Wrestling, Boys Varsity Wrestling · Update- Week in Review 3/7

Week in Review:

Spencer Dusi wrestled in his second state tournament this past weekend. After going 0-2 last year, he came back with a different outcome in mind. Spencer beat the #7 ranked wrestler in the first round 6-5. In the quarterfinal match he lost to the eventual state champ 10-0. He cam back to win his 2nd round consolation match by fall, guaranteeing him a place on the podium. He then wrestled a wrestler who had beaten him in their 2 previous matches, the last knocking Spencer out of the state tournament last season. Spencer turned the tide this year and won a 2-0 decision guaranteeing him a place in the top 6. Spencer lost an overtime decision 3-2 in the consi semis and dropped to the 5th place match. Spencer ended his season, and high school career with a win and a 5th place finish!
Nik Urban wrestled in his 3rd straight state tournament. Nik was 6th as a sophomore and last year like Spencer he went 0-2. Nik also wanted to end his career on the podium and after 2 straight pins he found himself in the state semifinals guaranteeing him a top 6 finish. In the semis he would face the defending D1 champion. Nik lost that match and dropped to the consi semis. Nik beat the higher ranked Copley wrestler to move into the 3rd place match. Nik won his 3rd place match to finish his high school career as a two time state placer, only the second in the history of the school to be a multiple state placer.
As a team we finished in the top 20, 18th to be exact! This is the highest finish since 1988 when the Rebels finished in 17th place.
Thank You!
The season has now ended. We just want to thank all of those who have been there to support the team this season! I know the tournaments are long and very time consuming but your dedication did not go unnoticed! We consistently have the best cheering section during the events. The support we get from families and friends are  second to none. Thank you for helping make our program one of the better ones around.
I will be meeting with the AD to schedule our banquet. I do not want to wait to long, but we have to get a lot of information together before we can get the awards ordered. I will send out an email with the date, time and place for the banquet. I hope to have the date by the end of this week.
Equipment Return:
Please  remind all wrestlers to turn in all singlets washed and cleaned, along with their bags as soon as possible.
Good Luck!
At the banquet we will say goodbye to 6 seniors. These 6 have completed their senior season and will look to move on to bigger and better things. We only hope we have helped aid in their maturation process and have given them some type of foundation to become successful in their future endeavors! If its college, work, the armed forces or football, wrestling, baseball or no sports in their near future we can promise one thing to all of them; they are welcome back anytime! They are and will be forever be Rebel Wrestlers!
Only 2 More this Year:
You will only get 2 more emails this year from me. I will send one out to let you know when the banquet is. The second email will be the closing email recapping the season and the banquet. We will let you know who wins awards, who broke records and some thoughts shared in our senior speeches.