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You’ve heard that SPIRE has incredible facilities for Track and Field. We are a US Olympic Training Center. Indoors and out, Spire may have the best facilities in the US. Maybe you’ve even been to a meet here. But what you may not know is that

SPIRE is so much more than meets.


Spire sponsors summer Track and Field Camps. You’ll find the dates in the camp flyer below. Our camps are intensive and will provide each participant with the most cutting edge information and techniques. They will be coached by some of the greatest coaches in the US who are assisted by Spires resident international stars and NCAA All-Americans.


This is an abbreviated form of the Spire Post Graduate Program. Athletes can come and stay for a month or two. They will live in our dorms and train for the year ahead. This is a perfect opportunity for upcoming high school junior and seniors to set themselves up for a great year ahead. We will analyze their strengths and weaknesses and develop programs to maximize their talents.