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Pet Supplies Plus opened its doors in 1988, aiming to create a grocery store inspired layout for beloved family pets and all the supplies needed to take care of them. 32 years later, they have expanded into the pet supplies store we know and love today, adding things like self-service bathing stations and grooming services for dogs as well as keeping samples of treats and toys “nose level” for testing by your favorite furry friends. But that’s not all Pet Supplies Plus is. They are also committed to engaging and giving back to the local communities they serve. Through multiple projects, they aim to give back and ultimately improve the lives of the animals in their neighborhoods.

Through projects like Pets in the Classroom, Pet Supplies Plus is able to give back to their communities. Pets in the Classroom is a program that provides teachers grants or coupons to get a pet for their classroom or supplies for existing pets. They realize that pets are valuable to helping children develop and grow. For example, pets encourage attendance at school because kids become excited to see their new animal friend. They also encourage responsibility and enrich the classroom experience of students who get to take care of them. Along with placing pets in classrooms, through VNN they host ads on 50 high school athletics sites throughout Ohio which helps give back to the schools through sponsorship revenue. They strive to give back to the community in a multitude of ways and these are just a few examples.

Pet Supplies Plus clearly cares for your best friend on four legs. From the standout service they provide within the stores to the service work they do within your community, they’re there to make sure your pet lives its best life and help find homes for those who are still looking.

Pet Supplies Plus is offering 15% off for Rebels fans! New SMS subscribers can text “FAN” to 46777* to redeem the offer.

Make sure to stop into your local Pet Supplies Plus today and see how you can help them in their goal of making a difference. Make sure to check out to find your local neighborhood store!

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