Coed Varsity Swimming · South faces Mentor and Perry at Spire

  Place Points
Mentor High School 1st 141
Willoughby South High School 2nd 32

Perry 101 South 55
Mentor 135 South 32
Mentor 123 Perry 46

Perry 130 South 42
Mentor 141 South 33
Mentor 118 Perry 68

Sydney Grzincic took second in the 200 free with a time of 2:14.68
Brennen Bittner took third in the 200 free with a time of 2:03.48
Maddi Whitticar took first in the 1 meter 6 dives with 175.79 points
Bridget Douglas took second in the 1 meter 6 dives with 150.01 points
Sydney Grzincic took third in the 100 free with a time of 1:01.47
Brennen Bittner took third in the 100 free with a time of 58.24
Se’amus Garry took second in the 100 back with a time of 1:10.45

Varsity cuts
Mary Kate Garry- 50 FR, 100fr
Sydney Grzincic- 50 FR, 100fr, 200 IM, 100bk, 100fly, 200fr
Cami Johnston- 50fr, 100fr, 200fr, 100brst, 500fr
Morgan Staska- 50fr, 100brst, 100fr
Abby Turk- 50fr, 200fr
Tyler Carr- 50 FR, 100fr, 200fr
DJ Mohnke- 50fr
Bridget Douglas- 50fr, 100bk, 100fr, 200fr, 100 fly
Savannah Stumph- 50fr
Brennen Bittner- 50fr, 500fr, 200fr, 200 IM,100fr
Chloe Smith- 50fr
Se’amus Garry- 100fr, 50fr, 500fr

1st Year
Tyler Carr- 200fr, 100fr, 50fr, 500fr
Brennen Bittner- 500fr, 200 IM, 200fr
Sydney Grzincic- 200fr, 200 IM, 500fr, 50fr, 100fr
Morgan Staska- 50fr
Cami Johnston- 100brst

Hunt for the golden P.B.
Morgan- 10
Jeremy W-7
Mary Kate-4
Maddi- 3
Jeremy P- 1

Sub 30 Club
Se’amus Garry 50fr
Brennen Bittner 50fr
Tyler Carr 50fr
DJ Mohnke 50fr
Sydney Grzincic 50fr
Bridget Douglas 50fr*
Abby Turk 50fr
Morgan Staska 50fr
Nate Johnson 50fr

Sub 60 Club
Tyler Carr 100fr
Brennen Bittner 100fr
Se’amus Garry 100fr